’s “Why I Won’t Hire You”

I know I have posted this before on my personal feed, but I thought that this article was worth posting again.

Things that candidates are doing quite a lot of lately.

  • You send me a stupidly long resume

  • You can’t tell me why you like your current job

  • No career plans or vision

  • No Skills

  • Answer my questions with conjecture


Some things that you should consider before your next interview.

How to Win the interview

  • Show me you can get things done. This means you can accomplish challenging tasks quickly, come up to speed when necessary, go the extra mile if you have to, influence peers. You must be self-motivated.
  • Show me you are intelligent. I will ask you questions that are designed to make you think. Show me you can. Don’t confuse intelligence with education. I don’t care what kind of schooling you had, if you can’t think, no job. If you can think, and aren’t educated, no problem in my book, though I’ll probably look for more experience instead.
  • Show me how I fit into your vision. Truthfully, we’ll work best together if you think this job is the best place for you to be right now. I want to help you succeed in your career, let me.
  • Be highly skilled. Unfortunately, I don’t hire awesome people who don’t have the right skill mix. But I do keep their information around for when I need their skill mix. I also tend to recommend these people to others who are hiring as strong candidates. The skill level required to be hired depends on the job and expectations. Entry level can get away with rough skill sets or classwork. Senior needs to be top of the field, regardless of years in the workforce.
  • Be Passionate. If you are bored working in a similar job somewhere else, you’ll be bored with me. Period. I don’t want any of that.

Though there is a lot of negative feedback about the article in the comments, personally I feel that the article reveals VERY valid points if you are looking for a job (especially with larger companies). I would also stress that a tailored resume that is RELEVANT actually stands out from the crowd, and your generic ‘spammy’ resumes are easily identified.

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Wedding is almost here….

Well, it has been a little while, but the wedding is almost here (only 40 days away)! Some details are really coming together and we are getting more and more excited to see everyone! A sneak peek at one of our wedding presents from a good friend was sent to us.















These are going to be an awesome wedding present. 😀


Here is also a great song to finish your week.


Engagement Photos in Hood River – sneak peek


Raemi and I had a wondeful opportunity to take another engagement photo shoot in our home town. Sadly the blossoms were not in full bloom, but I am REALLY excited to see what Kimberly Kay Photography took that day. We had some really fun locations around town. Above is just a sneak peek, and I can’t wait to post a few more. 😉

See the rest of our sneak peek photos at Kimberly Kay’s site.

Our Engagement Shoot via []


After a great weekend, slow down and appreciate Life

After a fantastic weekend with friends and family, my fiance revealed that she has a pretty inspiring poem in her daily planner. With her permission, I am typing her daily piece of inspiration.


I hope you also had a wonderful weekend.

Coffee – Moka Pot

Over Christmas I purchased an electric Moka Pot. One of my cube-mates had been brewing some amazing coffee and I finally realized it was partially due to his Moka Pot. After brewing a few batches on my own, I finally purchased one for myself. The flavor is amazing, however, be warned, the coffee is STRONG. I was amazed at how simple, but yet very effect the Moka Pot is. For the enginerds, it is simply a boiler, filter, and then condenser at the top. Ingenious.

My fiance’s testament (she usually has 5-7 cups a day):

“Wow that is some really strong coffee.”

Stumptown (local to Seattle) has a great guide on brewing your own coffee with a Moka Pot.

I have also included a link to the Bialetti Easy Caffe (which is the unit I purchased).

I strongly suggest going down to Stumptown and checking out some of the various brewing techniques before you buy the hardware yourself. 😉 After having a few cups of coffee, I don’t think I am going to go back to traditional drip coffee in the morning.

Stumptown Coffe Moka Pot Guide via []

Bialetti Easy Caffe via []

Gmail + Multiple Inboxes > Gmail’s Priority Inbox

I was using Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature when it first rolled out, but then read a few posts about the Multiple Inboxes in Gmail Labs. Well after a few months of use, I don’t know how I used to manage without Multiple Inboxes.

I am currently only using 3 of the 4 filters, but so far they have been great (I have simplified the screen shot above for demonstration purposes). I used the Advanced Gmail search page to help me define operators and build a few key queries (I have included a link below). I also have numerous filters/labels (Settings>Labels and Settings>Filters) that I am using in combination with Multiple Inboxes that help me ‘tidy’ things up.

More advanced users will be able to use the Multiple Inbox feature to combine multiple email accounts and see these on their own dedicated ‘pane’.

I hope you really do look into this feature, if used in conjunction with filters/labels and multiple email accounts, you really can have a 1 stop shop for all of your email needs. 😉 If you have further questions or have some queries to share, please send them via comments below. :)

Using Advanced Gmail search via [Google Support]

Multiple Inboxes via [Gmail Blog]:

How to use multiple inboxes for multiple email accounts via []:

Do you like Pho!?

Lately, I have been on a pho kick. Maybe it is the dreary Seattle weather, but damn, a hot bowl of noodle soup for lunch really does seem to hit the spot. Our current pho staple has been Than Bros. With many locations in the Seattle area, they are pretty convenient. If you have a better secret pho place, please let me know! Mmmm!

Packing Cubes – handy or a gimmick?

I recently picked up a 3 pack of packing cubes off of (to the ridicule of my friends). I do however, think they are quite handy. What do you think? Are packing cubes a gimmick or a nice to have addition?

Your 2011 goals need a check up, how are you doing?

Before the beginning of the year, I always like to post my next year’s goals with my friends. Well, we are now into March, so I think it is a good time to check in and see how you are doing on your 2011 goals. 😉

Here’s an update on mine:

1. Save up $X for our upcoming wedding and honeymoon by August 1st 2011.
2. Combine finances (I am thinking 3 checking accounts – main, and we each have our own small ‘fun’ account for presents) after the wedding. I would like to get this done by November 1st 2011.
3. Save $X by December 31st 2011 in combined retirement accounts.
4. Max out 2011 Roth IRA’s for myself and for my future wifey by December 31st 2011.

1. I am actually ahead on this goal, hopefully will complete this by May 1st, 2011.

2. We are still debating on which financial institution we are going to use as our ‘main’ account. We may also jointly apply for a new credit card to put household expenses on and keep our current cards.

3. Since the fiance just recently switched jobs. Her new employer does not offer a 401k, instead, we are going to try and open an IRA with Vanguard.

4. If #1 is completed early, I hope that this goal can also be completed before the end of the year. :)


How are your 2011 goals coming?

Kimberly Kay – An amazing engagement shoot

Like any other lazy weekend, I opened my RSS reader this morning and sat down with my cup of coffee to see what was going on in the world. To my delight a wonderful photo set had been posted by Kimberly Kay.

I really like this set for the simplicity and fantastic composition. Take something as simple as a park setting, and turn it into a gorgeous photoshoot. Great job! This set really makes me re-think any complaint I have ever made about ‘not having anything to shoot’. I think it is time to head out the door and shoot some images, I hope this inspires you to do the same. :)

For the full post head over to Kimberly’s blog.

Whitney and Steve Engagement Shoot [via Kimberly Kay]